Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Speculation | A iPhone launched in autumn 2012 will be completely redesigned

The rumor on the new iPhone model are certainly not rare, but what we are dealing with now is very interesting and comes from BGR, the famous webzine that claims to have received new rumors about the next iPhone model from a source deemed reliable.

Based on information gathered from the source cited by BGR, the new iPhone:

It will be launched in ' Fall 2012 , more or less the same period in which it was marketed iPhone 4SApple will use a new shell with rubber inserts, similar to those used in the bumperThese inserts will be two functions: to unite the glass of the display to the body similar to that of iPad redesigned and made ​​of aluminum and cover antennas that surround the screen so as to allow the construction of a monocoque aluminum without plastic inserts so that you have antenna performance even more

To summarize the new information from BGR confirm the previous rumor on the new aluminum body of the iPhone and begin to establish in broad terms the arrival of the device on the market. Apple seems determined to jump back to the event in early summer to present the device back in autumn 2012.

The information just quoted are, however, simple rumor unconfirmed, of course, from Cupertino. Our thinking does not fit exactly with that of BGR, for us the iPhone 5 could come out "ahead of schedule" for two main reasons: the first consists of confidential information that they see the new iPhone already "ready" and the second is driven by fact that Apple is beginning to lose market share in some markets, the new quad-core products of the competition will be announced already in February 2012 (only element that does not scare at Apple) and Android, however, competition is pushing a lot. And 'therefore reasonable to think that Apple can not wait so long, and show something new in the summer.

Source: BGR

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