Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Want to buy Windows 8 PC and Get a $400 Gift, then dump your Macbook at Staples

Staples is one of Microsoft’s partners in the U.S. that is selling Microsoft Surface Tablets (running Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro) has started a very crazy promotion.In this promo Staples, one of the most important Microsoft partners in the U.S. will offer it's customers up to $400 discount, for purchasing a Surface RT or Surface Pro tablet, in exchange for their Macbook.
In fact, the promotion is more complex, for those who want to buy the new Microsoft tablet or other device touch Windows 8, Staples will offer a discount of at least $ 100 for an old PC, and you can get to $ 400 for a Macbook (not more 4 years old), a Macbook Air or a Notebook with Intel Core i7 or AMD FX.

For a Staples customes who currently owns a brand new Macbook and certainly not in any way don't want to miss this crazy offer and wan't to try the newest Microsoft goodies, than this promotion could be a real bargain.
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