Wednesday, February 27, 2013

LG Optimus L Series II staring in a promotional video

The new Optimus L series smartphones by LG are no longer a mystery, since at the Mobile World CongressLG wanted to reveal to the public all the nice details of the second generation Optimus L Android smartphones.
We're not talking top of the line equipment, but LG with this new L-series is focusing on the medium-low segment of the smartphone market and it appears with the previous series had excellent results by reaching quota 15 million of sales worldwide .
These devices do not have characteristics significantly better than their predecessors of 2012, with some changes in the design and a relatively minor update for the hardware.
At their debut, the same company released a promotional video on the length of just over 3 minutes, in which they highlighted the main features of this new smartphone.
We invite you to view the promotional video and then if you want to have your say in the comments, take a seat as well.

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