Thursday, February 7, 2013

According to ABI Research, 800 million Android smartphones being used daily in 2013

Android continues its unstoppable expansion around the world and there is no continent or market that does not see the Google OS one of the largest, if not the largest, mobile OS by distribution. 
According to a study conducted by the company  ABI Research , by the end of 2013 Android will reach the impressive figure of 800 million smartphones used in the world. Also according to the research completed at the end of this year will be 1.4 billion smartphones used, which  will be 294 million iPhone and 45 million will have the Windows Phone.  There are also important forecasts for the newborn Blackberry 10 with about 20 million of smartphone (the remaining amount to reach 1.4 is divided between the other OS).
The huge number of proposals for Android is a quality almost impossible to find in other operating systems, and although WP offers a wide range of models and prices vary widely, the operating system Google Mobile can count on dozens of options for every price range with solutions that start at 50 € up to 900 € satisfying all users with many shapes, sizes, and features.
A strength is also a weakness given the fragmentation of the system but that does not seem to slow down the global growth of Android that has about 57% of the global share. It is still interesting to see how the system that today more "scares" in terms of growth and market expansion is due to the new Windows Phone 8 and BB10 with its excellent proposals we have seen in the last months.

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