Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nokia - More PureView Innovation Still To Come

For Nokia 2012 was a year marked by closed two very important goals in the field  camera technology implemented in today's smartphones. The Nokia 808 and Nokia Lumia 920 PureView scored significantly smartphone sector with strong aptitude for capturing photos and video redefining, each in its own way, standards in the segment. 
Feature common to the two devices is the sharing of PureView technology , not so much, or rather, not just a set of hardware solutions to improve the quality of the cameras built into mobile devices, but a broader approach to the issue, which also involves instruments such software.
Technology PureView, as mentioned, has cut important goals, but the team that takes care of its development, led at the time by Juha Alakarhu, Nokia is not going to stop and suggests that in the future will be introduced further important innovations in imaging sector for the upcoming Nokia devices.  
Details on further innovations that will affect the technology PureView were not disclosed.The head of Nokia imaging did not want to tip the balance too far, but said:
"We're driving innovation in key areas to deepen and enrich the experience imaging. I can not say what we are working on. Certainly we can say that is very cool"
PureView technology has so far experienced two phases. The first, in which Nokia has solved the problem of the digital zoom and detail, introducing the 41-megapixel sensor with pixel technology oversampling of the Nokia 808 PV. The second is the one which began with the introduction of the Lumia 920, which improves the yield of pictures in low-light condition thanks to the stabilizer optical mechanical type.
The third phase, expected by many, is one in which the two different approaches to the subject of imaging will converge in a complete product from all points of view. A result that, at present, is partly hampered by technical limitations associated with the integration of the components needed in a body that has, for obvious reasons, keep the size reasonable.
Juha Alakarhu, however, said that the brand not only identifies PureView hardware and solutions that improve the imaging sector could not be accomplished without the care of the software aspects both in terms of the interaction with the hardware for both applications dedicated imaging ex. Cinemagraph.
It is still not known how long it will take to use the latest innovations in imaging sector for the upcoming Nokia devices, but it is encouraging to know that the development team is actively working to implement them.

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