Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nokia Lumia 505 gets real with WP 7.8 preinstalled and exclusive with Telcell Mexico

Nokia Lumia 505is the latest low budget Windows Phone smartphone offered by Nokia. The Lumia 505 is low-end device that will be distributed exclusively in Mexico by Mexican operator Telcell. 
The latest rumors, suggest that the Lumia 505 will be released with Windows Phone 7.8, the designed Windows Phone OS for low-end smartphones.
The main technical features of the Nokia Lumia 505 would be confirmed by the eloquent flyer shown in the opening and would include:
  • 3.7 "AMOLED 800 × 480 pixels Display 
  • Single core Snapadragon processor
  • 8 megapixel rear camera
  • Windows Phone 7.8
  • Available in black, red and magenta
Nokia Lumia 505 is a device interesting for two reasons. On the one hand, confirms that the new release Windows Phone 7.8 is closer onset, anticipates some of the other cornerstones of Nokia's business strategy for 2013. 

According to various sources, the Finnish manufacturer will not stop the production of Windows Phone 7 smartphones, that will occupy the lower end of the Lumia family. A useful strategy to expand the installed base of Lumia smartphones, starting from emerging markets.

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