Friday, November 16, 2012

Nexus 10 16GB sold out at Play Store

In Google Play Store seems not to be anything since even the Nexus 10 the 16GB version only left his name to the detriment of units in stock.
In summary: the Nexus 4 in both its versions has ended a few minutes after its launch on Tuesday, while for the Nexus 7 connectivity with HSPA + there was a stay of about 36 more hours.
The Samsung made Google Nexus 10-inch version 32GB ended yesterday and today is the younger brother in 16 GB version to join him.
So, the only two devices that you can buy at the Play Store, are the two variants of 16 and 32GB 7-inch tablet made in Asus, only the version with WiFi connectivity.
Apparently the stocks are not restored immediately, at least for the Nexus 4 , since those who had already ordered the device has receive short email informing the customers, that the shipment will be delayed for 3 weeks .

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