Monday, October 1, 2012

Rumor - New Nexus and new Android release coming within the next 30 days?

New week and Nexus fever is getting higher and higher.Not even the official release of many top smartphones presented in recent weeks like Samsung Note 2, Optimus G and iPhone 5 can curb the enthusiasm of the fans. The word echoed in the Nexus Network and a new Goole device is clamored.

This year there is very little information that run on the network and can be considered realistic. Many concepts, ideas and many different manufacturers of various types show that today all the options are open, including that of multiple devices from different manufacturers. According to the latest speculation, a new Nexus phone will be unveiled within the next 30 days, one year away from the Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.2 with a new deployment .
With the subsequent commercialization in November, the new smartphone will have a completely revolutionized how the concept of openness, but in version 4.2 will in practice be a further refinement of Jelly Bean , will have a new look and will not offer particularly new impact. It will be a refinement of the current which will extend support to new technologies, more API support and allow a better dialogue between hardware and software. All waiting for Android 5.0, which, according to rumors, will not arrive June 1, 2013.
Obviously it's voices, which may be confirmed or not. Of course one year after the previous model and the presentation of Android ICS, all expect some interesting news.
LG, HTC, Samsung and Sony are the principal names that could really give life to the new Google Phone, when everything is possible and every company has important news, and not presented, able to fire the imagination of the users who want to see the new Nexus...

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