Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Android claims 48% of U.S. tablet market share

The Android table segment is getting stronger and taking more and more market share, however still long way to reach the smartphone market share , that Android is enjoying at the moment , now what is told and retold, but it seems that the trend is slowly changing, at least in America, but with the aid of Amazon's Kindle Fire.
According to Pew Research , nearly 22% of Americans have a tablet, 48% of which are Android (think that a year ago were 20% to see how much has changed), although about half of these are in fact Amazon brand.
Another well-known agency, comScore  goes more towards the phone segment : according to their survey about 52.6% of Americans would be in possession of an Android smartphone , compared to 50% last May, gnawing mostly share to RIM and to a lesser extent Windows Phone . Among the producers dominates Samsung , with 25.7%, followed by LG with 18.2%, and then by Apple with 17.1% and Motorola with 11, 2%.
The cheapest tablet seem short, the key to change to the market quickly, at least in America may seem like a trivial observation, but it is true that iPad has achieved success by focusing on price, and that only the Kindle Fire before and Nexus 7 then were able to make inroads in an industry that was dominated by Apple. 
In the long run, however, Android must also be able to offer quality and functionality in the tablet segment  (which so far is not zero, but it takes a lot more, especially from the point of view of the app, rather than the OS), just as it did in the smartphone, where the cheaper models have indeed contributed to its success, but they are not the ones that are on the lips of people every day.

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