Monday, September 17, 2012

Rumor - Samsung Galaxy S4 coming in February

With a big smile on our face that we start talking about new Samsung Galaxy S4. A smile not so much happiness for the arrival of a successor to the S3, but rather to note that the announcement of the new iPhone 5 has triggered a series of reactions in the Samsung that led to the first of  it seems many add campaigns in order to try in every way to bring back the focus on Samsung smartphones. 

That the successor to S3 can be presented at the upcoming MWC 2013, which will be held in Spain in February certainly does not take to be Nostradamus and the hypothesis is easily done by anyone. Obviously giving the news as an exclusive and publish it on koreatimes offers a major international resonance and only the fact that we we're talking about is definitely a symptom of a  successful campaign.
Speaking of features is quite absurd, and even if the Korean site is about a 5-inch OLED display, but not yet flexible, users still prefer to leave the imagination to imagine the successor to the Galaxy S3. That form may be similar, rectangular and wide-screen and you can think of a smart phone round or triangular is difficult to tell at this time, we will have to wait and see what Samsung will bring in February.

In short, we are in September, iPhone 5 was presented, Samsung Galaxy S3 is available for months and many other proposals are on the market. You do not need hardly speak of a successor to get more attention because already the top range Android are absolutely in line with the competition that still has to come out. You have the choice of operating system of choice and the best tool to use.

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