Monday, September 17, 2012

LG introduces a portable printer for smartphones

How about a wireless pocket-sized photo printer to accompany your LG smartphone? If you live in Korea, you are looking for and you're reading this, this is definitely the article for you.
LG has presented a similar device, which interfaces to the phone via Bluetooth or NFC mobile to print any pictures. The technology used is called  ZINK (Zero Ink) as it is capable of printing without ink , thanks to a special paper on which colors have already been applied and are heated only at the time of printing.
The  2.4 cm thick and 213 grams of weight  make it less certainly pocket a smartphone, but still easy to carry, even in a bag.

The LG pocket printer costs about $ 170 (189,000 won) and will be sold with 10 sheets of special paper that purchased separately will cost you $ 10 for each 10-pack, the press in mobility comes at a price.

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