Monday, September 10, 2012

This is what the new iPhone will look like

iMore has published some images from which we can see how will look like the new iPhone 5, which will be officially presented next Wednesday, 12.09 . Portal invokes a number of sources and other media, and says his photos are pretty accurate when it comes to the look of the iPhone 5, as well as the latest generation iPad may be named only as "the new iPhone".
The new iPhone will be longer, the new screen will be 4 inches and 16:9 format. Despite this new iPhone will have a lower pin adapter, metal plate on the back, and a new operating system iOS 6.

Although iMore sources are pretty credible, the majority of users are not convinced that see the real iPhone, most of them are hoping that Apple will still have to present a "more just a job."

The image below comes from Boy Genius Report , that the French blog and iMore sure that this will look like the new iPhone 5. The image is placed completely factory-assembled iPhone 5 and is compared with the iPhone 4S. Additionally, TheVerge reports that some producers have already started to produce protective masks for the iPhone 5, which recognizes only the dimensions, but not the functionality of the phone.

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