Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Android - Samsung ChatON updated to version 1.10.3 bringing some new features and improvements

Available only a few hours, Samsung Chaton receives a new update going to release1.10.3 wrong only fix bugs and problems found in previous versions but also introduces some new features and fixes some interface elements.

  • Add image filters.
  • Improvement of my page (Comment on his / her own Poston (buddies say) and re-comment).
  • Add AMS's stamp, background image and template download.
  • Add sound effects and alarm sounds.
  • Show text messages in large size by inserting #.
  • Improvement of Anicons Such as GUI, multi-download, etc..

In particular have been added filters to images, implemented some sound effects and notifications, expanded viewing text messages and finally correct some imperfections with Anicons in the GUI and multi-download an update may be advisable to do.
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