Friday, September 21, 2012

Qualcomm teases competitors by comparing its Snapdragon processors against the competition

Qualcomm came up with the new video posted on its YouTube official channel that puts in contrast the Snapdragon processors against the Intel Medfield processor. In the video it is shown how the old processor Snapdragon S2 Single Core Xperia Arc released in 2010, is able to offer the best solution to mach or even beat the performance of what Intel presented this year.

The video shows how Arc is able to take the satellites while the Intel device no. The reason is probably the Glonass geolocation in the Qualcomm chip since this "always" allows a better management of the GPS signal indoors and difficult to reach by offering a greater number of visible satellites. This feature is not yet available to date on all smartphones sold (Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 as example).
Compatibility with games is also conceivable and feasible and it is not about Qualcomm's even if the manufacturer has worked to improve the Android platform in software and compatibility.
Finally, the difference in the web browsing seems exaggerated and tests made at the MWC or at IFA 2012 Intel solutions were much more fluid. In short, a good video but made an impact with perhaps a little malice commercial!

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