Wednesday, September 12, 2012

500 million Android devices invaded Earth

Today, all eyes are on Apple keynote for the announcement of the new  iPhone 5 , but Google tries to divert attention from the world of the bitten apple bringing publicly some macroscopic data useful for understanding the evolution of Android globally. To date, up to 500 million Android devices are activated and every day further 1.3 million devices are added to the tally.
It is announced as Hugo Barra , director of product management for Android, with an update on their Twitter account, which has used the occasion to explain that each day are added to this figure about 1.3 million devices activated.

This is an even more amazing than the one sent in the month of June during the Google I/O, when it was said that Android had reached the target of 400 million devices activated with a growth rate of 1 million per day; in December 2011, this figure was 700,000 daily activations which indicates not only the overall success of the operating system, but also particularly positive trend of recent months.
So far there have been 500 million activations for Android devices, with 1.3 million new products are added every day. Today is a great day ... 500 million Android devices have been activated worldwide, and every day they add 1.3 million. In addition, the statue of Jelly Bean is back in our backyard.
Android is a mobile operating system widely used thanks to the many producers who are using it for its smartphones and tablets, with clearly much of the success comes from targati Samsung devices, which are experiencing a huge success on the market: the only Samsung Galaxy S III , which reached the stores in May 2012, has already entered into 20 million units sold, but also the other ends of both the Galaxy S and the other are selling at an impressive pace.

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