Thursday, July 26, 2012

Windows Phone 8 SDK preview leaks online

Only a few months to the official debut of Windows Phone 8 and the Redmond company knows how important it is to support the release with an ecosystem full of applications. Just this morning, has spread on the internet download link of the new SDK 8.0 , which is useful for all developers who want to develop for the operating system who is to be released in October.
The source is the WPXAP site and has uncovered some of the information hidden behind the new platform, from management of the new API via Bluetooth for full interaction with any device that possesses connectivity. The distributed version is not official one, moreover is only usable on  Windows 8 64-bit with 8GB recommended storage space and 4Gb of RAM. 

Here is a list of downloadable files:
  • Network Monitoring for Windows Phone Applications V1.pdf
  • Optimizing Applications for Windows Phone Battery Efficient Consumption V1.pdf
  • Simulation Dashboard for Windows Phone Applications V1.pdf
  • Windows Phone 8 Developer Docs.chm
  • Windows Phone Apollo Release Notes.htm

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