Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Six different variants for the next generation of Amazon Kindle Fire?

According Demon Parneros, the President of Staples retail chain based in the U.S.Amazon was planning to extend the next-generation Kindle tablet not for one or two products but rather to five or six new devices are completely different in size, trying to diversify the offering from 10-inch model that now seems confirmed by several sources.

The possibility that can really be six models there can be all but diverse hardware may sound more like a mere rumor and in fact the 5 or 6 versions may simply be variants of the new Kindle Fire  2 differentiated by connectivity Wi-Fi or over 3G, with different storage capacities and of course diagonal display.
The third quarter has already begun and if the ad will comply with the latest rumors, the new range of Kindle tablets could be presented in just a few weeks time.

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