Friday, July 27, 2012

Samsung unstoppable growth: in Q2 2012 sold 50 million smartphones

Samsung is increasingly global market leader, thanks to a winning marketing strategy, the quality of the devices and of course the adoption of the Android operating system .
Strategy Analytics has published a study in cu analyzing the various data of sales relative to Q2 2012 (second quarter of this year).
The results recorded by Samsung are impressive, with as many as 50.5 million smartphones placed in just three months and the first ever in the phone industry with 34.6%.

In second place firmly is Apple with its iPhone range with 17.8%. The third step of the podium resists Nokia with 7%, helped by its most smartphones based on Symbian that by Lumia devices with Window Phone 7, although this situation may change with the arrival of Windows Phone 8.
It will be important to carefully follow the trend for the second half of the year, having made ​​the numbers recorded by the Galaxy S3 and also considering the arrival of the Iphone 5 .

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