Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rumor - The new iPhone 5 will be released this fall with 4G connectivity, NFC and 1GB of RAM

In recent days we had talked about a possible production start of the new sixth-generation iPhone  from the Japanese site Mocotakara. Today comes news totally different from front of American and more specifically from BGR  who claims to have received new information from a reliable source.
According to BGR says, the Cupertino company before start producing a new product goes through two different phases: the first called "engineering criteria" and the second "design criteria". 
Currently the new iPhone 5 would be in phase EVT3, ie the third step of the test engineering and therefore is not entered into production, in fact still has to overcome the various test phases of the DVT.
In this respect the source of BGR claims that:
  1. The iPhone, Verizon has launched the fourth phase EVT2 in mid-November before moving to the next step, EVT3 the last week of November. The test ended up at the end of December with the phase DVT2
  2. The iPhone 4 which, remember, was found in a bar in San Francisco, was undergoing DVT in late March, while in the first half of February 2010 was the second step of the EVT
This means that yes, Apple is already producing some next-generation iPhone, but they are engineering samples designed to fully test the product and the study of new cases, but has nothing to do with the final version that probably we will see trade in a few months.
Some confirmations, if we may so call them, also arriving on the technical specifications of the phone that this time should see the light with onboard 1GB of RAM, double the inside of the iPhone 4s, and a 4G LTE connectivity probably will not see in Italy as it has already happened for the new third generation iPad. There will also be the NFC. The estimated release is set at the turn of the month of September and October.
We are limiting the publication of the many rumors about new Apple products that daily flood the web, but some, like this one in question, are quite reliable and least deserve to be consulted.

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