Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reuters - Meltemi erased permanently by Nokia to cut costs

A new report from Reuters seems to declare definitively closure of the Meltemin project. The famous news agency cites three sources that have direct knowledge of the project and that would confirm its interruption. Meltemi was produced by Nokia in order to represent the evolution of the S40 platform, is one of several " victims "of measures adopted by Finnish brand to try to contain the costs of its activities. 

Reuters does not fail to highlight the impact that this decision could have on the line of Nokia feature phones,whose fate at the moment seems to be entrusted to the evolution of the S40 operating system integrated in recent Asha 305, 306 and 311.
The Linux-based system from operations developed by Nokia has never been formalized, although in recent months, the same Stephen Elop had referred to. As reported by one of three sources, the first feature phone Meltemi should already be available on the market at this time.

Nokia has plans to expand the line-up of advanced feature S40 phones, representing one of the pillars upon which the commercial strategy of 2012 and on which the producer is investing too many resources in terms of software support. It remains the regret of many users who have followed with interest the events of the operating system Meltemi, the subject of various rumors, but never came into existence.
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