Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chinese OEM Oppo may release Windows Phone 8 smartphone in 2013

From the Chines site WPDang comes an interesting rumor that reveals how the interest in Windows Phone 8 is growing,even among smartphone manufacturers.It seems, in fact that even the Chinese company Oppo has intention to bring to the to Asian market WP8 device with the new Microsoft operating system in 2013.
Recall that Oppo has recently launched Finder , an extremely thin Android smartphone due to only 6.65mm thick which makes use of extremely durable components and currently on sale in Asia for about $ 400.
The source reports that Microsoft has chosen Oppo,because of the careful design and good integration of the hardware and software implementation shown in the Finder from Oppo, totally ignoring any experience in customizing software,a subject dear to Microsoft and to which and do not want to compromise any 'hint' from producers.

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