Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jolla Mobile CEO Jussi Hurmola - “MeeGo is not dead”

The interest in the promising startups that is intended to preserve the legacy of MeeGo platforms continues to remain high, thanks to the increasing information that with each passing day becomes more and more and Jussi Hurmola, the CEO of La Jolla provided some additional insights on team projectsin a recent interview with The VoicemailMany statements reaffirming the initial impressions of a company formed by an excellent team, with clear ideas and a management team with ambitious goals, but always realistic.

The first important signal is sent to the community of supporters of the platform Meego that after the recent firmware update to 1.3 PR have begun to wonder what the fate of the operating system of Nokia N9 and if there are other important update of the platform. The CEO is clear in stating:
What we mean is that Meego is not dead
The operating system Meego will continue to be developed, but it is reasonable to ask how and what relationships exist between the activity of La Jolla and the platform of Nokia N9 Meego Harmattan. In this regard Hurmola states:
Swipe is a UI for Nokia. We will achieve a new UI, and the choice of MeeGo allows us to create something new
Although the new UI will not be that of the Harmattan Meego previous working relationship between Nokia and most of the team Team will produce their effects on future production of the newly formed startup. Also in this case the words of the CEO clarify this aspect:
Obviously we will inherit the powerful and popular tools Meego, but we will use them in our own way and not Nokia.  
Personally I like the Nokia N9 ... I think we will be influenced by the UI in our project for N9 
In a recent interview the number of La Jolla has not failed to provide further details on prodottori that concretely realize the hardware of the new terminal. In recent months Jolla has visited several Chinese suppliers, negotiations seem to be well under way and soon will be announced the names of the partners.
As previously emers, or the first smartphone Jolla will be presented later this year. The following projects will be made with proper caution Jolla:
Our principle is to be cautious, we do not want to promise things we can not do ... We have several projects right now, but we need to evaluate how it goes first before you commit future products
The staff of La Jolla is aware of the need to build not only a terminal, but an entire ecosystem and proves, therefore, open to all forms of collaboration:
Create an ecosystem has to do with the cooperation ... What we are doing is to bring together partners .. I am open to any cooperation. There are different forms of cooperation, of course, but the fundamental one is the growth of the ecosystem
Establish itself in the smartphone market obviously will not be easy, but we hope Jolla can carve out its space in the crowded landscape of mobile device manufacturers.
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