Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Apple announces the results of the third quarter of fiscal 2012, iPad scores new Record

As planned , Apple has announced  the results of fiscal Q3 of 2012 sales and receipts revealing the third year Conference Call for AAPL shareholders. The last fiscal quarter, which began April 1 and ended on June 30, once again registers receipts and record sales, thanks largely to the New iPad launched in early quarter !

The Company posted  revenue of $ 35 billion and a net quarterly profit of  $ 8.8 billion  or $ 9.32 per diluted share. These results compare with revenues of $ 28.6 billion and net quarterly profit of $ 7.3 billion, in the same quarter last year. The  gross margin  stood at  42.8 per cent  compared to 41.7 percent in the quarter last year.International sales accounted for 62 percent of quarterly revenue. 
These sales of the products during the third quarter of fiscal year:
Apple has sold 4 million Macs  during the quarter, an increase of 2  percent  over the same quarter last year. The company has vendut iPhone or 26.0 million  in the quarter, an  increase dell'28%  over the same quarter last year. Apple sold  6.8 million iPods during the quarter, a decline of 10 percent over the same quarter last year. The company finally sold  17.0000000 iPad  during the quarter, representing an  increase of 84% over the previous year.
Further details emerged during the presentation of the results:
  • Official release of the Mountain Lion for tomorrow , July 25.
  • The iTunes Store gains amounted to 1.8 billion dollars. iTunes U has been downloaded 14 million times and 700 new schools and 125 colleges and universities have landed on this platform during this quarter.
  • Sold globally  410 million iPhone OS devices , adding iPhone, iPod and iPad.
  • App Store now offers over 650,000 applications, 255,000 only for iPad, with $ 5.5 billion and 150 million paid to developers of apps that support services icloud.
  • Apple Retail Store : Sales by $ 4.1 billion ($ 11.1 million per store on average, with a margin of $ 868 million), 17 +% over last year. 9 new stores this quarter, for a total of 373 retail, of which 123 in the U.S. alone. With a 17% increase in visitors has increased from 74 to 83 million.

Other information revealed during the Q & A:
  • The growth of Apple's market in China has reached incredible numbers, with an increase in regional sales by 48% in one month, which aims to be 100% in a year, with the recent launch of the new iPad in China.
  • For sales of iPhone, Apple expected to increase for the September quarter [during which we will witness the launch of ' iPhone 5 !] and traces the decline of growth in sales to rumor  and speculation circulating on the network.
  • Sales showed a trend different from region to region: positive in the U.S. (+46%), Japan (+45%) and China (+66%), while in Europe is not recorded any annual growth, surely due to the crisis economic and involves our continent. Looking at the sales of the iPhone, Britain remains on a positive growth (+30%) along with Germany, while France, Greece and Italy show a negative trend. Resists instead of Eastern Europe, although Western Europe continues to preponderate in continental profits.
  • They sold many many Apple iPad can produce . An iPad takes 4-6 weeks to be produced, transported and delivered to the consumer.
  • Asked about the sales forecast in the next quarter and the mysterious "fall transition" announced during the presentation of results, Apple executives declined to answer, not increasing the burden on current sales. 

For a more specific question about the weight of the rumors about the sales,Tim Cook said:
I think there are so many speculations around. Are difficult to select, but from what I saw, I am honestly convinced that there is an incredible flow of advances for future products, as you might well result from sales in this quarter. I think [the rumors] have a reasonable weight [of sales].

  • Do not miss the traditional question about the "cannibalization" of the Mac industry by mobile products, in particular by the low growth of 2% in a year of Apple's desktop and laptop products. The CEO points out first thing in the general weakness of the PC market, and then points out that the last financial quarter has been poor in the new Mac ads, which occurred only at the end of the quarter. The sales of this sector have in fact increased exponentially after the WWDC and the presentation of the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Particularly successful was the MacBook Pro Retina , although Apple has not been able to satisfy all the demand because of reduced production time.
  • "What do you think about the price the iPad gets through more competition [ed ​​with the Nexus 7 !]? ". Tim Cook: "We lowered the price to $ 399 iPad 2 and its sales during the quarter were good, although the new iPad tablet remains the most popular. We are very aggressive in this area. Regarding competitors, we have seen many different tablets, during the last hundred years. I have not seen any of these to obtain a level of visibility of some importance. From our side we can boast 225,000 iPad-optimized user experience and amazing. Many users choose whether they want a tablet, just look at the iPad. We will continue to participate in this industry and create exciting new products. "
  • They sold 1.3 million Apple TV in the third quarter, an increase of 170% over last year, reaching at 4 million units sold in one year. The Apple TV is still just a "hobby" for Apple? Tim Cook thinks not and believes that the Apple TV Apple will somewhere [ iTV ?], but for now: let's see!
  • What is the future of Passbook [ introduced in IOS 6 ]? Tim Cook will not answer, saying only what we already know from presentation at WWDC: a kind of "virtual wallet" where we can pick up tickets, tickets, offers, tickets, etc.. No mention so far to support NFC technology or other methods of payment.
  • "What do you think about the opportunity to position your products on a lower price level without compromising their functions?" [ iPad Mini ?] Tim Cook shows how one company's goal is to make the product better for everyone. "We have witnessed in this period to one of our further and further away [on price] does not depart from those [Google with the Nexus 7?], And thus increasing the gap with our prices. Now, when we can reach the most aggressive prices do not hesitate to do so, just look at the iPad 2 for $ 399 and the iPhone 3G free on contract [in the U.S. and other countries]. "

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