Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 already in production at Quanta, on sale from August 7

Even Amazon is almost time to unveil the second generation of its Kindle Fire, author of many rumors and speculation in recent months, after the announcement of the Nexus 7 moved the waters a bit for everyone, including Apple, which should unofficially become part of this market segment with an alleged iPad Mini . This time, however, is the China Times to know it a bit longer, according to Chinese newspaper Amazon is preparing 2 million Kindle Fire 2 Fire commissioned at the factories of Quanta Computer to be ship by August 7.
The presentation would be anticipated at the end of the current month in line with the latest rumors, while for the first news about the specifics of the tablet whole still remains under strict confidence to the exclusion of material that seems to be formed from plastic and metal for the body , manufactured by LG and display panels provided by TPK even though the diagonal has been revealed is adopted presumed expected size not too different from those of the Nexus 7.

This autumn will be very interesting for the tablet market with a real price war with high-performance products but also economic.

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  1. August 7 is coming near and I'm getting excited with the release of Amazon's kindle fire 2. Same with Microsoft surface table. I'm also amazed that the latest kindle will use Texas instrument technology which is popular here in our country.

    Kindle Fire vs Microsoft Surface