Friday, June 1, 2012

Windows Phone 8 OS builds with WXGA display resolution spotted in the wild

It's a little more than a rumor but insistent voices echo in the network. Unconfirmed sources reveal the presence of four different resolutions related to the upcoming Windows Phone 8.The operating system then support the resolution of 480 × 640, 480 × 800, 720 × 768 × 1280 and 1280.

The first configuration is certainly suitable for a device comprising a physical keyboard, while the rest may be associated with classical models completely touch used in recent years.
The higher resolution is rumored to exceed even the performance of the Retina display of the iPhone and its 326ppi, to 332, of course running on 4.5 inch devices.
It is confirmed also support WVGA, thus ensuring the total absence of obstacles when the operating system will be updated.

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