Friday, June 1, 2012

Samsung sells over 50 million units of first two Galaxy S models, 7 million Samsung GALAXY Notes

According to the latest sales results confirmed by Samsung, since its launch in June of 2010, have been sold 24 million  Samsung Galaxy S  smarphones and the result of its direct successor to Samsung Galaxy S2 (still considered one of the best Android smartphone on the market ) has reached 28 million units sold in about half the time. In total therefore the previous two generations of the Galaxy line S have moved a turnover of more than 50 million units, according to initial estimates of the numbers that will be equaled and probably surpassed by the Samsung Galaxy S3 which has already reached the 9 million pre-orders .

Good results also for the Galaxy note that the release took place last October has already placed more than 7 million units worldwide, a sign that many users were satisfied with the large 5.3-inch display and the new band device opened by the Korean manufacturer with this device.

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