Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ZTE Tania with upgraded 1.4GHz processor will be out in China by the end of the month

Windows Phone continues its climb to the summit of the smartphone world, a tough and rugged mountains, full of obstacles that today are called iPhone and Android. Nokia has succeeded in giving a burst but the percentages are still not able to trouble the competition.
One of the strategies that Microsoft - together with the producers - is pursuing, is to raise the bar of quality / price ratio, offering smartphone can offer excellent performance even in the medium/low market.
ZTE Tania is one of them and at the launch in China the smartphone will be upgraded with 1.4GHz processor,so far the ZTE Tania used 1GHz processor.

Here are the rest of the ZTE Tania feature:
  • 4.3 "TFT LCD display
  • HSPA +
  • 5Mpx camera
  • No front camera
  • Internal memory of 4 GB
  • 512 MB RAM

A model created for low-end market is "nobility" and so it offers performance to reach the top of the range. Waiting paid off for Chinese users, we'll see if ZTE will be able to offer new surprises at the launch of Windows Phone 8 scheduled for late 2012.

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