Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rumor - Nexus Tablet with Google Android Jelly Bean and quad core processor coming soon!!!

Through a source considered reliable by TechnoBuffalo, new details emerge about the next tablet that Google should put forward a few weeks at the Google I/O 2012. Although the name remains a mystery, the source confirmed that Asus will to achieve it and that will be used as a tribute to its hardware next Google I/O scheduled from June 27, in time for the first deliveries scheduled from early of July.
Another pleasant surprise is also about the next Android distribution, Jelly Bean for now.The source says that not only will be announced at the end of next month but right on the edge of the first commercialized tablet signed by Google and Asus, and then several months in anticipation of the usual expectations that separate a new Android distribution of the official announcement (late fall or early winter months for the issue).
But the rumors do not end here because you go even on the hardware department of the alleged Nexus Tab which would see the adoption of the famous quad-core chip at a price within the $199 , confirming the previous rumors of a platform by aggressively priced but very performance and ready to invade the market with 600,000 pieces for the month of June .

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