Tuesday, May 22, 2012

RainbowMod - First custom ROM for Nokia Lumia 800

After RanbowMod Lumia for Nokia 710 , the Custom ROM based on Tango, which allows a wide range of device customization, here comes one for the Nokia Lumia 800.The author is the same lucifer3006 from XDA , which has created a version of RainbowMod ROM for the Chinese version of Lumia 800 with firmware revision  1750.805.8773.12140 (Tango).
Here are the changes made to the firmware of the device:

  • Full Unlock
  • Removed applications of Nokia
  • Customizable Search Button
  • Quick Menu to turn on Wifi, 3G, Airplane Mode, Power Saving, etc..
  • Ability to access the File System via WiFi and USB
  • Ability to block the rotation of the display
  • Added new themes ( screenshots )
  • Installing the. XAP through IE9 or File Manager
  • Unlock accounts, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Added as a Google search engine
  • Update on Cab Sender Tool
  • Many other minor changes
Eventually even the 800 can take advantage of Lumia Full Unlock although, remember, the ROM can be installed only on devices that has unlocked Qualcomm bootloader, at this time turns out to be a very small number.

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