Monday, May 7, 2012

Play Store | 100,000 applications in the last 4 months: 500,000 apps quota exceeded!

The Play Store continues to grow quickly and with very impressive numbers. If we consideronly the last 4 months, over 100,000 applications have been published in the virtual Google store . A number that exceeds even Apple with its App Store that same time period saw the release of approximately 63,000 applications. Important numbers to see the passing of the 500,000 apps in the Play Store , and an approach to lifelong rival, Apple.
Obviously it also considered the number of applications that are cleared daily by both Google and the developers and the number of clones present. Both platforms, Apple and Android, in fact, have many applications and games that are copies of other famous and programs that are canceled for various reasons.
Android also there are many widgets that allow you to greatly increase the number of programs. Although there are differences between the stores, as well as numerically even at a qualitative level, the ICS and the new UI designed Holo from Google seems to have allowed a significant improvement in the quality of applications, both for smartphones Tablet. The differences between the two stores are now quite a few and a number of programs available so high makes it easy to always find what you are looking for.

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