Sunday, April 22, 2012

Skype for Windows Phone comes out of beta to final version 1.0

In February, after a long wait, Microsoft has released the first official Beta version of Skype for your platform Windows Mobile Phone.Microsoft had promised the release of the final version by the end of April. 

As promised  today in the marketplace the update came and Windows Phone Skype Beta version (0.2) has been updates to the final version (1.0).

Microsoft does not currently provide the innovations that make this new version, however probably the new update will bring some improvements  and enhancements, and general improvements in the management of audio / video.

Unfortunately, as we had imagined recently , the final version of Skype for Windows Phone does not support notifications to be notified of an incoming Skype call, it seems that this limitation will be removed only with the arrival of the next major update of Windows Phone (Apollo ).

Skype for Windows Phone v1.0 is free as usual and can be downloaded from the WP Marketplace

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