Friday, April 27, 2012

Samsung is officially the biggest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world

Samsung has released the financial results for its first quarter 2012, ended last March 31, again registering record numbers but also becoming the first manufacturer in the world of mobile phones , with 93.5 million phones, of which only 44.5 million smartphone, reaching a market share of 25.4%.

Samsung has a turnover of 45.27 billion Won, contributing to an annual increase of 22% and operating income, which reached a historic high of the company amounted to 5.85 billion and consolidated net income to 5, 05 billion Won.
Despite record numbers and percentage growth in the Korean company did report a seasonal drop in sales of semiconductors and TV division, drawing at least using smartphone and displays and also making record profits.
The semiconductor business of Samsung includes the System LSI Division, Samsung Memory, posting an operating profit of 760 million Won with sales down 13% year-over-year, stable at 7.98 billion.
As for the next quarter, Samsung expects the demand for Hard Disk stable returns with a raise in the DRAM industry, but warns that there will be a drop in prices due to competition.
Panels & Displays
Regarding the display division saw strong revenue fluctuations due to a decline in the last quarter. The company did report an operating profit of 280 billion won on revenue of 8.54 trillion.
Samsung expects the demand for monitor panels to remain stable, but a steady increase in the segment tablet, notebook and TV panels also in view of the upcoming Olympics.
IT & Mobile Communications
The smartphone and mobile division has been to better growth, posting an operating profit of 4.27 billion won, with revenues reaching 23.22 trillion.
Samsung aims for the next quarter of a further growth thanks to the release of the new Galaxy S3.
Visual Display and Digital Appliances
Finally, the division of flat panel displays, LEDs and digital equipment in general has seen even in this case an increase of 550% on an annual basis for a turnover of 10.67 trillion Won.
With regard to Q2, Samsung expects growth to single digits for flat screen televisions and an increase for those LEDs that are already about 60% of the TV market.

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