Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rumors - HTC and Facebook jointly developing Facebook branded smartphone

Facebook and HTC working on a unique product that will work on Android optimized to use all the functionalities of Facebook, says DigiTimes citing sources from the mobile industry.

These are new rumors about Facebook phone that back in 2010 was rejected by network founder Mark ZakerbergBut it was two years ago when Facebook was not so focused on the impact and revenue from the mobile market, but the number of users were most important.

DigiTimes sources say that Facebook phone will appear in late 2012. Will be manufactured by HTC, who was the producer of the first Google Nexus phone.Now Google cooperates with Samsung which is the largest and most popular manufacturer of Android devices.

HTC has previous experience with Facebook branded phones. Taiwanese producer previously introduced Salsa and Chacha devices that have separate physical button that instantly guide users on Facebook. But these phones have not experienced any particular success.

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