Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rumor - Eldar Murtazin: Bada is dead

It is very unpleasant news for all owners of Bada smartphones,the bad news appeared a few hours ago, on the Twitter page of  Eldar Murtazin. According to Eldar, Bada operating system would become a dead and buried . And 'so that in its own post, definitely' melodramatic ',  Eldar writes:
"Remember Pulp Fiction? Imagine the voice of Bruce Willis - Bada is dead, baby. Bada is dead :-)  "

Actually, not always Eldar has proved very reliable, especially in the past months, so everything he writes should be taken with a pinch of common sense. 

In fact, the Russian blogger had said in the past that " the development of Bada 3 is still in progress, but .. . "and another that" Bada was finally integrated into Tizen ". For another, finally, that " Bada will continue to be supported by Samsung . " In short, confusion aside, as always, the only conclusion is that time will tell ... Meanwhile, applications for Bada devices continue to be issued and as we know "while there is software, there is hope." 

Reading the opinions of Wave holders , Bada seems to be a good operating system but with potential applications ever made ​​and a park that does not shine for quality. Tizen could be a natural evolution, certainly Samsung's proprietary system is unlikely to be remembered as one of the best OS ever made.

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