Monday, April 9, 2012

Nokia 306 Asha - Manual and new details on the alleged first S40 full-touch device

The Nokia 306 Asha is already past the headlines in recent days thanks to some pictures of the prototype and a user guide, now available for download, thanks to which it emerged more interesting details of the device from operating system that seems to be an evolution of S40 and S60 as it was previously rumored.The Nokia Asha 306 could be the first S40 full-touch smartphone made ​​by the Finnish manufacturer, which showed that the company has serious plans to continue assigning it to develop the platform devices from entry-level. Let's find out new details emerged examining the manual.
The operating system is very similar to that seen on Asha 303, based on S40, but there are interesting news from a drop down menu style Android , callable with a scroll-down (see picture at the beginning). Thanks to the menu you can:
  • see if you have missed calls or unread messages
  • change the profile, for example, to silence your phone
  • open the music player, for example, to pause the currently playing song
  • open or close mobile data internet connections
  • check for Wi-Fi networks, and connect to them
  • switch Bluetooth on or off

The UI described in the manual is divided into three home screens :
  • the “My screen” for favorites, contacts and shortcuts
  • the “App screen”
  • and the “Dialler screen”, which is customizable and can be replaced with music player or radio
The three screens and switching between screens is summarized from the screenshot bellow:

In addition to swipe to move between the screens, the touch screens will support multitouch as evidenced by the screenshot below:
The rumors that Nokia was working to establish an evolution of S40 are certainly not new.We have on several occasions referred to Meltemi but not necessarily be the platform described in the manual that we are dealing with.
The Nokia 306 could be made within the first week of July. One of the possible windows to lift the curtain on the device could then be represented by the annual Nokia Connections event held in Asia in late June. At present, however, this information should be considered as mere speculation.
While waiting for further details on the future of the S40 platform, we leave you to draw conclusions by examining the manual can be downloaded by from this address .

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