Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A new prototype of the Galaxy S3 shows the virtual keys and the new TouchWiz

Disseminated through a Chinese forum called Mobile01 today had emerged new photos and details of a prototype of Samsung GT-I9300 , images that reveal the presence of clear and unmistakable soft keys. Besides them we can also see a new physical center button and the new TouchWiz integrated in Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Again Samsung has masked the design of the device using a cover and a chassis unofficial perform all the usual tests, but we can more clearly see the 3 classic keyboard Android reproduced on the screen but changed places with the back button to right over other producers. Decidedly particular the presence dele middle button at the bottom which could lead to two hypotheses:
  • Being a prototype is not the final version and Samsung could have put both buttons on screen that the physical center button had not yet decided the way to go in the final model
  • The new Galaxy may have a single middle button release or return to home and maybe even create buttons for other features and screen navigation
If the former is perhaps more likely, the second option sounds bizarre, and really hope that the manufacturer has not chosen this path.

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