Thursday, April 26, 2012

For the first time Google unveils Android platform revenue and earnings

These days the process is taking place which is between Google and Oracle on a whole series of patents and infringements that have distinguished the two companies not only in the last month. Precisely because of the ongoing legal battle, Google has been forced to reveal numbers, earnings and revenue from the Android platform .

In 2010 there were approximately 20 million Android devices in June, with growth estimates which suggested a doubling by the end of that year, bringing to 40 million devices on the international market. A number such as Google lead to a gain of  approximately $ 278 million.
But significant gains are divided between advertising and real revenue from applications. In 2012, well in fact  158.9 million dollars was the result of advertising and only 3.8 million came from the sale of applications. Comparing now the values, the forecast for July 2012 indicates $ 840 million of revenue from advertising and from 35.9 million applications.

Also showing gains on an annual basis, the system Android has been a marked rise from 2010,tripling its revenue in 2011 which is derived from the application through mobile advertising revenues and increasing exponentially year over year by over 100%.
Between this year and next year Google will introduce new sales prospects and performance through the field of music and movies, news that soon will become globally accessible and that the company might project to the new rate of financial growth.

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