Thursday, April 5, 2012

50 million users in 50 days, Draw Something took over the 1st position of Angry Birds

Only only 50 days of notification, mobile game Draw Something, for Android and iOS, managed to attract over 50 million users and become the fastest growing application. Besides the incredible numbers, the application managed to take first place on Apple App Store from Angry Birds.

Draw Something is a unique game that invites users to draw a picture and that to  share with friends who have to guess what or who is in the picture. The game is challenging because it requires skill to come out good drawing is extremely fun because not everyone knows how to draw, and social. Until now have been drawn a whopping 6 billion drawings.
The game is owned by Zynga who recently bought the original creator of Draw Something, OMGPOP for 180 million dollars. Zynga is the largest social gaming company whose titles include FarmVille, Texas Hold'Em, Mafia Wars and many other.

Draw Something at Google Play ; AppStore

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