Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Windows Phone marketplace exceeds 70,000 applications!

In just over a month, in the marketplace Windows Phone 10 000 applications have been certified, passing the 60,000 achieved in the third week of January to 70,000 users in these days.

The amount of applications that are submitted daily on the marketplace is around 250 units.Of these 70 000, more than 28 000 have been added in the last 90 days and almost 7 000 were added in the last 30 days. Of allapplications, 65% are distributed for free, paying 11% are distributed along with a free trial and the remaining 24% are distributed for a fee, without a trial.

The most populated section of the marketplace is "entertainment" with 18%, followed by the "tools and productivity", with 14%, after "games" with 13% and follow "books", "news and weather," "travel and navigation "," lifestyle "and the remaining sections cover a percentage below 5%.


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