Thursday, March 8, 2012

WhatsApp for iPhone updated to version 2.6.10

WhatsApp needs no introduction, being one of the most widespread and popular applications dedicated to instant messaging . Among its strengths include the nature of its platform that allows users to send and receive IOS messages to and from mobile devices with a different operating system. 
This cross-platform nature has allowed the application to become widespread and popular, particularly in light of its suitability to replace SMS and MMS. A crowning success in the months to WhatsApp was awarded the prize for best mobile application during the Mobile World Congress .
A few hours ago WhatsApp has issued a new update bringing the application to version 2.6.10

The update to version 2.6.10 includes the following changes:
  • Places: improved sharing arrangements, shared even by that device with IOS IOS 3 and 4 and added the ability to search
  • Fixed a bug that caused the photos delay 
  • And 'now the option to display the names of participants in the group object in the navigation bar
  • Updated the languages ​​supported by the Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Spanish, Japanese
  • Possible to send a direct message to a contact group by pressing and holding the comic in the chat screen
  • Warning was added that indicates when the groups are changed in the chat list
  • Notice that signals when someone is composing a message in the chat list
  • Entered the icon indicates that the sending and receiving of a place
  • Notice on liability for calls prior to the first call from WhatsApp
  • "Delete Account" in Settings> IM settings
  • Each participant in group chat can update the icon
  • Fixed several bugs and crashes the application

The WhatsApp can be purchased from the App Store at a price of $0.99 cents.

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