Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rumor: The New Amazon Kindle Fire will have a 10-inch display and Tegra 3 chip

Continue to occur the rumors about what will be the next Amazon Kindle 2 Fire .   This time, BGR is to say that the next generation of tablet sample sales, will arrive during the second quarter of this year, will adopt the Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset  and mount a 10-inch display , even burying the previous rumors about a diagonal of 8.9.
Although we know nothing yet of this tablet, DigiTimes reported on Thursday that Amazon has commissioned an order imposing components and chassis Catcher Technologies, a consequence which would produce the device, thereby complying development time to prepare for the exit in Q2 .
In the coming months so it is reasonable to expect the release of a flagship model as in this case and is an update of the first Kindle Fire remained the same size but offering upgraded hardware and therefore a lower price for the first-generation model. One strategy that could lead to further strong sales and focus even more on the manufacturer to new markets.

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