Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nokia announces off-line HTML5 GPS Navigation with audio directions for iOS and Android

Nokia has officially released an interesting alternative to various map applications for Android devices called Nokia Maps. Using its Nokia Conversions blog site, Nokia highlights the the app is web browser-based, so by simply going to m.maps.nokia.com on your smartphone browser, you’ll find immediate a complete navigation system identical to that of Google Maps. 

That means you’ll find navigation for whether you’re driving, walking or even bus/train support— which is handy for folks like me who live out in the New York City area. In addition, you’ll see satellite views of maps, public transport routes and oh— live traffic view too. The web-based navigation app also includes support for audio as well which is supported for walking directions for the time being. By simply downloading a small file (2MB), you’ll find your standard voice giving the usual turn directions available as well.
Naturally Nokia Maps isn’t as detailed as what’s found in Google Maps yet, but it’s pretty solid for being not only being a newly released app, but a web-based one at that. If you’re on an Android 2.3+ device and feel like trying something new, give the app a try by heading on over to m.maps.nokia.com using your web browser.

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