Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Microsoft patents virtual gaming glasses and helmet for Windows Phone and Xbox

It seems that plans for the future of Microsoft's gaming industry covering a mix of past and future and they can be discovered by a patent registered in Q3 2010 and published March 15, 2012.
These are two ideas that could be used for Windows Phone and Xbox 360 (or the next generation of Xbox) which take 3D glasses and a helmet for virtual reality.
Simulated by a virtual screen display mounted on helmet / glasses that allows the peripheral vision to sense its surroundings and at the same time creates a stereoscopic image using the laser. Yet it is unclear the precise working and future applications, as well as we do not know if the system is indeed transformed into an accessory for gaming soon.
Sure, it would be a good idea, especially if associated with Kinect to bring the player deeper and deeper into the virtual worlds of various titles. 
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