Monday, March 5, 2012

(Homebrew) Tile World Clock: Application to display a clock on the home screen via Live Tile

Another homebrew application comes from the guys at XDA.This application allows you to insert a tile live in the homescreen with the exact time for different time zones.

The application has been developed by "Thunder_", user of the known XDA forum, to be installed must have a device  that is chevron or developer unlocked

Tile World Clock has received several updates, and thanks to the last identified with version 2.3, we will have a live clock in tile updated every minute.

 The application features are:
  • Place a Tile with the time available for each time zone.
  • The clock is updated every minute.
  • 8 different types of watches
  • Live Tile animated
The developer says that the clock can not be changed and therefore must refer to that system. You can also change the name to enter the tile and the style of the watch. 

More information and to download link ate XDA developers.

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