Friday, March 23, 2012

Homebrew: Nextgen + custom ROM for HTC HD7 bumped to v3.0

The guys at XDA are working at full speed to bring us new and improved custom rom's.So good news for the HTC HD7 users since the Nextgen + custom ROM for HTC HD7 has been updated to version 3.0 with quite many new goodies on board.

NextGen + 3.0 change log:
  • Updated SMSBackup
  • Updated Nokia Contacts Transfer
  • QuickMenu Added by Ultrashot
  • Added Search by Key Settings Ultrashot
  • Added DFT BT File Transfer
  • Renamed Touch Explorer in File Manager 1.0
  • Replaced Tango with Skype 0.2
  • Added Bazaar 1.10
  • Added Dynamic Background
  • Eliminated the default applications
  • Full support for upgrades to the following versions of the operating system through WP7 Sender Cab
  • Full support for native applications
  • Made several improvements
You can download this new version of NextGen + directly from the official thread at XDA

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