Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Foursquare official client finally arrives for Bada OS

It 'a release that will surely please all Bada smartphone owners with WVGA display, as occurred in recent hours. Foursquare , is i now officially available for use on Samsung operating system, thanks to a dedicated client.

In fact, on Bada devices with HVGA display, the application is been available now for almost a week.

For those who have not yet ever used Foursquare , as noted just above, it is certainly the most popular social network of the moment, between those of signaling their location and use of geolocation in depth.

The foursquare app for Bada devices allows access to all the main features offered by the service which, of course, displaying points of interest nearby, the release of offerings , receiving tips on places to go and what to do once you is on the rise, both on the part of your contacts, that the wider audience of social network users.All this without forgetting the side more 'fun' of Foursquare, which is the ability to make points every time you make a check-in , ie it indicates its presence, alone or in company of other people, in a place , or to receive a prize, in the same way, one of the many badges in the social network is full.

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