Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Apple: Notificator hits the Cydia Store

The notifications center introduced with IOS5 was one of the most appreciated feature in the new release of the IOS operating system, although, in some ways, is not exploited to its best potential from native applications. Fortunately, the independent developer community has released over time numerous tweaks that have significantly expanded the usage scenarios of the section that contains the system notifications.
A good example of how to exploit the notification center is represented by Notificator ,tweak available soon in Cydia , which has enlarged the scope of the notifications, including numerous system events. Find out how it works with a video Notificator sufficiently exhaustive.

Notificator offers the possibility to receive notifications via the common banner (with beeps) to:
  • Signal 3G/EDGE
  • Events related to power the device
  • Installing a new application
  • Synchronization device
  • Events Wi-Fi
  • Activating and deactivating Bluetooth
  • Turning airplane mode
  • Connecting Headphones
  • Capture screenshots

You can buy Notificator for $0.99 now on the BigBoss repo.

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