Monday, February 27, 2012

Windows Phone “Tango” details revealed, coming in April to all devices

Windows Phone "Tango" will still be identified by the version number 7.5, this information comes from various posts made by Microsoft and Nokia in the day today. However, the development tool will be updated Windows Phone to version 7.1.1, supporting handset emulation with 256MB RAM.

According to a press release Nokia, the new version of Windows Phone will be available in April (in line with the release of low-cost terminals Windows Phone coming in the second quarter of 2012).

Thanks to improved paging support to enable apps to automatically take advantage of more memory than is physically on the device, Windows Phone “Tango” will support devices with Qualcomm 7x27a processors as well as 256 MB of RAM while still enabling 95% of existing apps to run properly on these new phones.

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