Thursday, February 9, 2012

Windows Phone Facebook app adds another 100,000 users, around 9 million WP7 users in the wild

As much as we’d all love to hear concrete figures that provide some insight to the amount of Windows Phones sold thus far, we sometimes have to rely on other indirect sources to gain that knowledge.

Although it’s not the actual tally of Windows Phones sold since its inception, we can kind of infer the amount by simply taking a peek at the amount of active Windows Phone Facebook users that are out there. From the looks of it all, there’s some progress made in the effort for Microsoft’s pride and joy platform.

Around half  a million Windows Phone users were added in the last 3 weeks, bringing the estimated total to around 8.5 to 9.5 million users.

Naturally, the trend seems to be on a positive note for Windows Phone as a whole, since it has continued to increase as far back as November of 2010 when the numbers were first recorded.


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