Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tango early preview upgrade for HTC Surround in the wild (Video)

Russian site reports that one of their members came across an upgrade for his HTC Surround which provided a Tango early preview (7.10.8107 to 7.10.8757.81).

Microsoft has been handing our HTC Surrounds as developer devices after poor sales on AT&T, which may explain the existence of the software.

The handset is an updated HTC Surround Version 7.10.8757.81 should be a pre-Tango,but so far we don't what's  different in the implemented features.This information, if confirmed, would show that Tango update is not targeted exclusively for low-end handsets. 

Tango early preview 7 10 8107 to 7 10 8757 81 Video:

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